How You Can Help

Fundraising Websites – Crowdrise

Please donate to our Crowdrise fundraiser page:

All proceeds directly benefit the Syrian refugees and the playground project.

Although the project is being sponsored by the Davis Projects for Peace grant, we need further funds to sustain the project. The sustainability costs of the project include: publicity tools, such as cameras, supplies and resources for the children’s program and for community building and program development, and marketing for the children’s book. You can help by providing any amount of donation or by sponsoring towards one of the three critical needs of our project.

Sponsor a critical need of our project:

1. Publicity – To capture and then share the stories and experiences of the children in our project, we will need to invest in a good Digital SLR camera and some digital cameras for the children to document their lives on their own.

2. Supplies – For the art and community projects the children will organize, we will need to purchase a variety of art supplies to execute the projects.

3. Marketing – The children’s art and narrative book that we will help in publishing will require a marketing campaign to promote the book in the U.S. and beyond. Funds will be needed for advertisement of the book.


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